The structure of this year’s institute will be a unique one: we will conduct an in-person institute from July 24-August 1. We will then hold online instruction from August 1-10.

July 24-August 1: In-person Institute

The week in Tempe will be dedicated to Practice debates, rebuttal re-dos, block-writing, and the tournament. Every student will receive at least 10 debates between the practices and the tournament.

August 1-10: Online institute

During this segment of the institute, we will provide lectures, conduct and review research assignments, and engage students through question and answer sessions. Lectures will be recorded and uploaded behind a firewall for students to review as they have time. We anticipate at least 10 lectures will be provided during these two weeks. More than likely, there will be more than that, as the online format allows us to provide more modular and targeted lecture topics.

Some topics that will be covered include:

Beginning and Advanced Disadvantage Debate
Beginning and Advanced Counterplan Debate
Beginning and Advanced Kritik Debate
Debating Framework (both sides)
How to debate specific topic arguments created by the institute (including Affs, Disads, CPs, and Ks)
Debating on the aff / neg (tips and tricks)
How to research effectively / How to process evidence
How to produce case negatives

We will primarily use Slack for ADI communication. This platform will make online research, feedback, and question/answer sessions straightforward for students. We’ll release a schedule of regular times that lab leaders will be available for question/answer sessions. Lab leaders will be online largely around the clock for research-related questions, problems, and solutions. We’ll also be testing Hangouts and other free video-conferencing type software to find a path to have face-to-face question/answer sessions.