Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I bring to the institute?

Linens for your room (towels, sheets, blankets, pillow, etc.), money to eat, a laptop to do research, pens and paper to flow, clothes to wear, soap to wash, stands to speak from, surge protectors to get power, and your mind to learn.


Q: What Residence Hall is the institute in? 

San Pablo Residence Hall, 555 E. Veterans Way, Tempe, AZ 85281. It’s just north of University Ave. It’s southeast along Veterans Way from the Veterans Way exit on the lightrail.


Q: How do I check in?

Whenever you arrive, head to the main lobby of the San Pablo Residence Hall and they can check you in. Make sure you speak to someone from Guest Conferences/Events and tell them you are with the Debate group. Check-in day is Wednesday, July 24th. If we have a dedicated time for registration, we’ll post that here and via email. Note: you can and should check in to the residence hall without having come to final registration with us.


Q: How do I do final registration?

We’ll have a table probably in the main lobby from 3-4:30 where we’ll finalize payment and have you sign a participation agreement.


Q: How do I get online on campus?

Connect to the ASU Guest network. Open a browser, complete the steps that pop up. If you don’t get a guest login page when you open the browser, you need to reboot your machine.


Q: Are there refrigerators in our rooms?

No, but there are communal lounges with fridges to store your groceries.


Q: What building are labs held in?

Durham Language and Literature (LL). Virtually all of our meetings and debates will take place here.


Q:   Are there places to eat nearby, within walking distance?

A:  Yes, there are several places to eat near the campus on all sides. Central areas for food include Mill Avenue and College Avenue just north of University. Other options on the south side of campus are along Apache near Rural Ave.


Q: What about vegetarian food?

The San Pablo residence hall is directly south of the Wells Fargo Arena in the center of the map below.



Q:  How will you assign my roommate?

A:  Mutual roommate requests will be honored, to the extent possible.  Otherwise, roommates are randomly assigned.  Many life-long friendships have started in this fashion.


Q:  How will I be assigned to a lab?

A:  We will make every effort to honor lab placement requests on the part of students and requests by coaches.  Partner requests take precedence over lab requests; two partners must be in the same lab. Absent a lab preference, students will be given a diagnostic questionnaire to fill out prior to their arrival at the ADI.  Diagnostics will be utilized for initial lab placements.


Q:  What if I have to arrive early/stay beyond the dates of the institute?

A:  Participants will be charged $75 for each day before July 24 or after August 1.  You must notify the ADI at arizonadebateinstitute@gmail.com prior to  your arrival to make arrangements for the additional room nights.


Q:  How do I get to and from the airport to campus?

A:  It’s a 10 minute cab/uber/lyft ride or you can take a shuttle to the light rail, which will drop you off a couple blocks north of campus. The Veteran’s Way station is just a couple of blocks north of the residence halls.


Q:  What if my debate partner can’t accompany me to ADI?

A:  All students will be paired up with other students to debate at the institute tournament.  Don’t worry, we will find you a partner.


Q: What’s the structure for the Online portion of the institute?

We’ll release a couple mini-lectures pretty much every weekday during the two weeks. You’ll get research assignments from your lab leaders and “meet” online with them every other day for Q&A and to update progress on research assignments. Lab leaders will be around at least during business hours to help as well. We’ll use Slack to communicate with everyone as labs.


Q: Can I sign up just for the online portion of the institute?

Of course — just select the Online Inst Only option. You’ll participate in everything leading up to the week of practice debates/tournament at the Tempe campus. Lectures, Q&As, block writing, research… it’s a great way to get a leap on the topic.